22 Things I’ve Learned In The Past Year

April 30, 2018


So, ya girl is finally 22 and as much as I wish I could stay 21 forever, that just isn’t happening so whatever! Back in 2012 (now 6 years ago, what?!) I told myself I would blast the famous Taylor Swift song when my 22nd birthday came around, even if the song was irrelevant by then. Little did I know, everyone would still be captioning their Instagram posts “I’m feelin’ 22” 6 years later! So basically, I’m very happy that the song is still relevant because it was definitely played a ton today!

This past year has been quite a whirlwind for me and it may have been my craziest year yet. I graduated college, turned 21, moved out of my parents house and got my own apartment, bought my first car (without anyone’s help-woot!), started working full-time, started dating Jordan, started paying my own bills, and experienced some not so fun times. Basically, I became an adult and it’s crazy to think that all of this has happened in just 365 days. For those of you that don’t know, I graduated college a year early so I started my journey as an adult “early” but I wouldn’t have done it differently. It’s crazy to think I would still be in school right now, but I’m so happy I’m not because I don’t miss having homework.

So instead of sharing 22 fun facts about me, I figured I’d add a little twist to these types of blog posts and list 22 things that I’ve learned this past year! Some of these things may seem obvious but all of these things encompass this past year for me. Some are funny and some are serious, but I hope at least one of these things is relatable to you!


  1. Life is expensive

  2. Your social life doesn’t end after college

  3. It’s better to go with the flow then trying to plan everything

  4. Your life can change at any moment

  5. Tell your parents, significant others and friends that you love them as often as possible

  6. Trying new things isn’t as scary as it sounds (for me this was brussel sprouts lol)

  7. Working full-time is just as tiring as being in school full-time

  8. Worry less about what people think about you

  9. Be intentional with your time

  10. Travel as much as you can

  11. Fry’s Clicklist is a godsend that I am #blessed for finding

  12. Always make time to see your parents

  13. Don’t stress the small things

  14. Save money where you can (aka don’t go to Starbucks every morning)

  15. Do what makes you happy

  16. Try and learn how to actually cook

  17. Tide Pods are very expensive but whatever you’ll still buy them

  18. Be honest with yourself and others even if it’s hard to do

  19. Take pictures of everything

  20. Create a budget that makes sense to you

  21. Venmo is a also a godsend

  22. Don’t get a dog….no matter how much you want to


Hope you enjoyed reading this lil blog post! Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday, you’ve all made me feel so special and loved!


Here’s to my 22nd year of life!!


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