About Me

Meet Reagan

Oh hey there! I’m Reagan, a 22 year old millennial living in Phoenix, Arizona who recently graduated from Grand Canyon University (Go ‘Lopes)! I currently work a local small business called Bloguettes, there I am focused on all things Marketing & PR. It is a ton of fun and has allowed me to really bloom into the creative person that I am today.

I’ve always loved having a creative outlet, while I was in high school that outlet was always dancing. Now that I am out of college and a full fledge working girl, I’ve found new creative outlets that I love even more. One of those being, sharing pieces of my life, whether that be on social media or blogging. Working where I do, you’re constantly surrounded and interacting with creative people so in 2017 I decided to make a bold decision, I wanted to start a blog. What was it gonna be on? No idea, but I knew I wanted to do it. Not because I want to become famous (being a full-time blogger is A LOT of work), really just because I wanted an outlet for things I couldn’t just post to Instagram about. Why write a long caption for an Instagram post when I could just share it on a blog instead?

It took a couple of months but here we are, I have my blog and I couldn’t be more excited to officially call myself a blogger.

I hope you enjoy the posts I have to share and maybe even learn a cool new tip about something random I decided to write about!



I’ve also recently started diving into the freelancing world, so if you’re ever in need (or you know someone in need) of a freelancer, I’m ya girl! My services include social media management, PR, and copywriting. Just click here if you’re interested in learning more!

August 27, 2017