Canada + New York City Travel Guide

July 17, 2018

Hey everyone, I’m back from vacation and as promised, I put together a recap blog from my trip to Canada and New York! As you can see, your girl has been traveling and I love it. This was the biggest trip we’ve taken in 4 years (since my mom and I went to Europe in 2014) and that was 19 days but this trip was only 14 days! This time around, I was traveling with my mom’s side of the family! Okay, let’s get into the trip!

The Lost Bag & Niagara Falls

The trip started out with some drama, but honestly I would expect nothing less from a family vacation. When we landed in Buffalo, NY (we were headed to Niagara Falls that night), we found out my bag wasn’t at baggage claim. Well actually, it was Jordan’s bag that I borrowed because my bag wasn’t big enough….lol. Long story short, someone took my bag on accident and brought it back! Thankfully, Southwest delivers bags to you so the next morning my bag was safe and sound. I only had a minor freak out….but can you blame me? We grabbed dinner by the falls and looked around a bit, the falls are crazy and so beautiful!

The next day, we had booked a boat ride to go into the falls but of course it was raining that day (if you know me I’m not a huge fan of rain). Even so, I put on my rain coat and walked 20 minutes down to the boat where I only got partially soaked but it was still a fun time!


Ontario, Canada

After visiting the falls, we packed the car up and headed to Haliburton, Ontario where we’d be staying for the week! The purpose of us coming to Canada was to see my aunt, two uncles and my grandma! The condo we stayed it was really great, mainly because I had a room to myself. There isn’t a ton to do in Haliburton but if you ever find yourself in Ontario, this is a great place to relax and escape reality! There is a lake about ever 2 feet in Canada and our condo had a small beach area and one day we even paddle boated in the lake for a bit. Throughout our stay we played some mini golf, drove some go \karts, went to a farmers market and mainly just relaxed. It was exactly what I needed considering my life before this trip was a bit stressful! Canada was really pretty and definitely way different than Arizona!


New York City & Long Island

FINALLY, it was time for New York! The first half of the trip was very relaxed but things were about to pick up. We arrived in NYC on Sunday afternoon and headed to the Yankee’s vs Red Sox game later that night! I’m putting a list of things I learned from this trip below, but one thing I will say is dam that stadium is hot. We happened to be in New York during the heat wave of the summer….and in case you don’t know, the humidity in the East Coast is crazy. So imagine us, sitting in an outdoor stadium with no air conditioning anywhere in 90 degree weather with about 70% humidity….yikes. We were so sweaty and miserable we really couldn’t fully enjoy the game. It also didn’t help that it was a blow out, the Yankee’s were up 9-0 when we left in the 7th inning. It was great to be there and see the stadium, but it would’ve been much better if it wasn’t so hot! It was a good thing we left early though because the game started at 8pm and we had an early morning!

My mom wanted to do one thing on this trip and that was go to the Today Show. So we woke up Monday morning around 6am and walked over to Rockefeller Plaza! We were lucky enough to be in the front so when they began filming outside, we knew we’d be on camera. It was pretty fun I will say and I got to see the Today Show’s puppy Sunny so it was an overall win for me. You can enjoy some photos our friends and family took of us during the show!

We then headed back to the hotel, grabbed some breakfast and began our busy day! Our first stop was back at Rockefeller Plaza so my mom and I could re-create a photo we took back in 2001 (our last time in NYC…one month after 9/11 mind you). We then headed to Grand Central Station, the Flatiron Building and then Washington Square Park!

Later that night, we drove out of the city and headed to our hotel in Long Island! Our haunted hotel that my crazy mother booked against my liking….but it ended up being a nice place. Just see for yourself and tell me if you think it’s haunted. On Tuesday we headed into Jersey to board the boat to Ellis Island and The Statue of Liberty. I had never seen either of these before so it was a really cool to see everything. Mind you, this was the day before the protesting happened….so crazy!! We ended up staying on the island for the 4th and spent some time with our family out there! They brought us to this crazy water parade where hundreds of people filled up water balloons and water guns to spray at firefighters and police officers! The ultimate “just small town things” situation but it was so fun! Then we enjoyed some BBQ and watched some fireworks!

Thursday was our last day until we had to head back home so we decided to go back into the city one last time! We started at the 9/11 memorial and then headed to the Pint Shop, the Highline, Central Park and Times Square! This day wasn’t as hot so it was nice to walk around the city and see everything! New York is so different from Phoenix and it’s so fast paced. I see why people fall in love with that city, it’s kind of hard not to when you’re there! It has so much to offer and I’m already planning a trip back so I can see even more of NYC then I go to this trip.

I ended up paying my 11 year old brother to take all of my pictures so I could get some premium content, so you can thank him for all of these photos! This trip was super fun and just the break I needed! I even learned a lot on this trip so as a bonus, I’ve put some traveling tips for the next time you find yourself in Ontario, Canada or NYC!


  • Travel by carry on
  • Only pack 5 outfits, you really wont wear that many clothes
  • If you’re going to a humid place, just leave the jeans at home
  • In fact, just know that the east coast during the summer, is extremely humid
  • Bring a backpack, it’s super easy to walk around that way

That’s all for now! I have one more trip planned for the year (Seattle in November) and I’m super excited. Traveling is one of my favorite things to do, especially when I get to explore new places or some of my favorite places! I hope you all enjoyed this post, thanks for reading!


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