Fashion Trends For Women- Fall 2018

October 16, 2018

Although it may be snowing in some places already, Phoenix is just now getting around to feeling like “fall”. So I wanted to put together a quick blog post to share a few of the pieces / patterns I think will be extremely popular during this Fall / Winter season. Since it doesn’t get ‘that’ cold in Phoenix, although I am somehow freezing 24/7, most of these pieces are perfect for that 50-60’s weather. If you live on the East Coast or a place where it’s super cold, you may need to add additional layers!


It’s everywhere and i’m here for it. On skirts, shirts, blazers, pants, etc. I’ve been seeing this pattern in a ton of colors but I am really liking the classic black & white, red and even yellow plaid (aka Clueless vibes). Below I put together a few pieces that I’ve had my eye on. I have a few plaid pieces already but i’m looking to add to the collection!


Teddy Coat

If you don’t know what a teddy coat is, you must not follow any bloggers because this coat is all over my Instagram feed. I’m obsessed and I want one so badly. I’ve had my eye on this one from Urban Outfitters for months and I plan on buying it in the next few weeks. Sadly it won’t ship until November but Phoenix doesn’t start to get cold until December / January anyways. I found a few other ones similar to the Urban coat below! 


Turtle Necks

Yes, turtle necks. They may be uncomfortable but I love the way they look. A lot of the 90’s trends are coming back into style this fall and this is one of those pieces. I’ve found a few tops that are borderline turtle necks, which I think is perfect. You get the look without feeling suffocated. 


Chunky Sweaters

This is a staple pieces that always comes around again when the weather gets a little cooler. They’re the perfect thing to keep you looking stylish and warm. Plus, I think they would look great paired with plaid pants (wink, wink).


Fall Accessories

Once you’ve got a perfect fall outfit together, you must add a few accessories! This year, I’m really into hoop earrings, srunchies, bandanas, chunky booties, and belts. I’m normally not a huge accessories girl, you’re lucky if you see me with earrings on but i’m definitely trying harder this fall!


I hope you enjoyed reading! xx

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