My Experience At The Museum Of Ice Cream San Francisco

January 11, 2018

By the title of this blog post, you can guess that I got to visit the Museum Of Ice Cream while I was in San Francisco. A ton of people asked me how I got to go because tickets always sell out and while I’d like to tell you that the MOIC team invited me…..I actually just bought tickets back in September (basically right after we got back from LA- you can read my blog post on the LA one here). When I got back I obvi talked a lot about it and Jordan was v jealous so I threw out a crazy idea and said “why don’t we go to the San Francisco one”. I had never been to San Francisco and Jordan had gone when he was super little so we basically just decided we had no reason NOT to go. We got our MOIC tickets first, bought our flights, then booked the hotel and patiently waited for December 1st to roll around.

I was so excited to experience the SF one because the LA one was a ton of fun and basically the museum is just designed for picture taking which is something I really appreciate. I’ve really become quite in love with the MOIC brand and that love has definitely grown since this trip. Also, Jordan legit took 214 photos during our visit and yes those were all of me but what else would you expect.

Let’s get into the juicy stuff, the rooms. The rooms were obviously really cool and unique but I will say there seemed to be a lot more but they were also smaller. Everything in San Francisco is so cramped, it didn’t surprise me that the museum was smaller than the LA one. They did tell us at the beginning that the space used to be a bank, hence the big poles on the outside. I did notice a few common threads between the LA and SF museums. They both had a gummy bear room, both served mochi and obviously they both had the sprinkle pool. One thing to note, if you’re looking to take pictures, there are only a few rooms that have good lighting. A lot of the rooms are dark and only have fluorescent lighting but with some editing, you can make it work.

This was the first room you walked into and I immediately fell in love with the pink striped wall. Similar to the first room in LA, we spent about 15 minutes just taking pictures. This room was giving me some carnival vibes and they even had a ring toss game you could play. I almost won a prize but was one ring shy of winning, not bitter whatsoever. They also had one of the video booths in here so Jordan and I took a cute lil vid of ourselves.

The next room you came to was also one of my faves. In this room they were serving It’s-It ice cream sandwiches and they were BIG so I just took a little bit of Jordan’s because ya girl’s lactose stomach could not handle all of that ice cream. This room was definitely designed with a diner vibe in mind, they even had cute bar stools, a jukebox and the records on the walls were similar to the stars from LA. They took song titles of some popular songs and added a little MOIC flare to them!

This was one of my favorite rooms for so many reasons but I loved the idea of being able to create a saying with the magnetic letters, plus they served mochi ice cream which is my new fave thanks to MOIC. I didn’t get a ton of pictures in this room because it was hard to get one without any people in it, but I did have the idea to write out my blog name and take a few pictures in front of that! There were a ton of cute sayings people had left up which I thought was really cool.

The next 5 rooms were the cherry, ice cream truck, gummy bear, rainbow room and the rock candy room. The art in the cherry room was super cute and simple, they gave you cherry flavored cotton candy (with glitter) as a snack and it was kind of hard to eat but still cute for pictures. After that was the ice cream truck inspired room and the wallpaper in the room was super cute. We actually took my favorite photo in this room and it was the first one I shared on my Instagram. After that was the gummy bear room, similar to the LA one, it wasn’t my favorite room but still super cute! Next was the famous unicorn room. This room was definitely rainbow inspired and had this white unicorn statue in the middle of it. The best part of this room though was the hidden disco room (as I like to call it). Honestly, this room had AMAZING lighting it was insane. I could’ve spent 10 minutes in there just taking pictures but there was a line so we had to be quick. Overall, great room. Next was the rock candy room, which had a pink rock climbing wall that lined the whole room. I used to love rock climbing at carnivals when I was younger so I quickly climbed to the top, don’t worry there were mats all along the floor so if you fell, you would be fine. On the side of that was the actual candy part and they gave us pop rocks as a treat! Truly I just love the branding and the little details that MOIC thinks of. Plus, Jordan and I got a v cute picture in this room so shout out to the team member in there, she knew her stuff.

Once we were done there we had to walk up a few flight of stairs to get to the most iconic part of the whole museum. You guessed it, the Sprinkle Pool.

The sprinkle pool in SF was blue instead of pink and I definitely loved the blue vibes way more (picture wise). Surprisingly, this area was bigger than the one in LA and I definitely felt like we had more time in the pool. We both enjoyed the pool, Jordan legit had sprinkles all over him because he had to get into the pool in order to take my picture lol but it was definitely worth it. The sprinkle pool at this one definitely did not disappoint!

Since that was the last room, we put our shoes back on we walked out into the retail part of the museum. This area was super cute and had some great spaces for pictures!

Instead of having the swings be a room, they made separated the swings and created three different designs. The first one was the yellow one with the pink bananas, which was definitely replicated from the LA banana room that I was obsessed with. The second one was all pink and it had two swings and some nice girls took pictures of me and Jordan, so shout out to them. The last one was whipped cream can inspired room that was super cute! They also had a cute Ice Cream Shop sign and a pink wall with white letters that spelled out Museum Of Ice Cream. I will say things were more expensive in the shop than they were in LA but that’s San Francisco for ya. They were selling a package of 48 of those pink magnet letters so I just had to get them, plus a few stickers for a total of $21. After an hour and a half of being in there, we had finished up and it was time to leave!

I was so excited to visit the SF version of MOIC and my experience was so fun! It was different having Jordan there with me rather than my friends, but it was also really nice to experience this fun place with him. I wanted to make sure he had a good time so I kept my picture taking to a minimum….kind of. He did say he had a lot of fun so I believe my mission was accomplished.

In case you aren’t aware, they just opened up a location in Miami and I AM DYING TO GO. It looks like the coolest one they’ve ever done so if anyone knows anyone at Museum Of Ice Cream feel free to share my name and maybe even my blog posts with them. On the off chance they want to send ya girl to Miami, I would be 100% down to go.

Anyways, that’s all I have for this post! I hope you enjoyed reading along about my experience and looking at all of the pictures! If I get to go to Miami or any of the other future locations you can definitely expect another blog post.

Thanks so much for reading


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