My Experience At The Museum Of Ice Cream LA

September 13, 2017

Hello everyone!

A few weeks ago I traveled with three of my friends / coworkers out to LA for Labor Day weekend! You can read more about our trip to Malibu and LA  here!

Now onto the good stuff. I am going to breakdown my experience at the one and only, Museum of Ice Cream: LA.

Let’s start from the beginning.

As usual, I found MOIC on Instagram and immediately became obsessed. If you don’t follow them on Insta, just take a look, they do a great job with their social . Since my coworkers and I are basically the same people, we all were talking about the museum and how fun and cute it looked. So my desk mate and bff Lauren and I were talking about going and just happened to bring it up to our other coworkers Mary and Taylor.

We decided to make this happen.

Since we had the Labor Day holiday coming up, we thought that was the perfect time to go since we wouldn’t have to take any days off of work and it was a great way to spend a three day weekend rather than staying in hot af Phoenix. So June 22nd rolls around (yes I remember the date, it was a great day) and it’s finally time to get our tickets. After 45 MINUTES OF WAITING we finally snagged four tickets for the 1:30 pm time slot on September 3rd! It felt like September was so far away but we were so excited we immediately started planning out our shot list. After a few weeks of deciding where to stay we finally booked our hotels. It legit took us 2 hours to decide because we kept getting sidetracked on the phone. I knew from that phone call that the trip was going to be hilarious and we were so ready.

FINALLY the MOIC weekend was upon us and we headed off to LA.

We arrived at the MOIC around 1 but we spotted the cutest nail salon right across from the museum with the cutest Treat Yo Self sign so we obvi had to take pictures in front of it. The salon inside was super cute too, so if you’re in the Downtown LA area and in need of a cute nail salon hit up Base Coat.

We then lined up right outside the museum, it’s not hard to miss considering the entire building + the buildings around it are all hot pink.


Right around 1:30 we got our tickets scanned and headed into the museum! If you’re going in a group make sure the person who bought the tickets brings their ID because they do check to ensure the tickets are authentic. Just a little helpful tip! Once we got inside we were told all of the rules of the museum, which in all honesty there weren’t too many. The four  of us were so excited from the beginning because the second you walked in there was the beautiful pink door and the next exhibit was the pink phones. We legitimately spent a good 15 minutes in this room taking pictures because it was that cute.

After the telephone room we entered into a room with the Museum Of Ice Cream’s version of the Hollywood sign and Venice beach sign. This room also had the famous Hollywood stars but they added their own twist to the names and they were so cute! Right after this room was the famous swings and bananas! Both rooms were just like what you see on Instagram and the pictures turned out amazing, the banana room was definitely one of my faves. They do try and limit you on the swings to make sure there isn’t too big of a line of people waiting so Lauren and I went together and then Taylor and Mary went together! I definitely recommend doing it with someone if you’re in a big group so you have more time for pictures!

my cute friend Lauren in front of the Museum Of Ice Cream sign

The next rooms were the mint room (very underrated and very cool), the rainbow room, the popsicle room the gummy bear room and then the ice cream cone room! The mint room wasn’t decorated as much but they did give us mochi ice cream and it was hella bomb so I was a fan. The “mint life” sign was super cute and I really loved the plain white brick! In the rainbow room there was a cool mirror wall to the right and then the 3D rainbow pieces to the left with a cute saying! This room was kind of crowded so we didn’t get too many pics but I did make sure to snag a picture in front of the white wall. They had a cute little photo booth thing right before you got into the popsicle room so of course we had to participate. Down the hall from the rainbow room was the popsicle room, it was cute but kind of hard to take pictures since most of it was roped off! The gummy bear room was super cute, I personally enjoyed the gummy bears they provided because i’m a huge fan of candy. Next was the ice cream cone room, it was kind of small and didn’t have a lot of places to take pictures, but still a cool room to see!

The last room is truly what has made MOIC famous.

The sprinkle room.

We lined up and they asked us a few trivia questions to give the group ahead of us some time in the pool. I will say the MOIC staff lets you take your time throughout the whole museum and they definitely know people are there to take pictures. HOWEVER. They only give you 2 minutes in the sprinkle pool. SO if you plan on going to MOIC anytime soon, just be aware, it will be hard to get good pictures in the pool because you’re so rushed. If you plan it out right, place yourself in a corner so no one can be behind you so you’re guaranteed at least one good picture. We didn’t do that at first, but we quickly realized we needed to change our plan if we wanted to get some good pics. The sprinkles aren’t real but they still stick to your body so if you’re a germ freak maybe skip on getting in the pool, although they do clean the sprinkles daily, but just be aware. The way the sprinkle pool area is decorated is super cute, I really loved the pink they chose and it was just such a great room overall.

Sadly after that our experience came to an end and we made our way to the retail section of the museum. There were some cute signs in this room and they also gave you more ice cream (big surprise there). This time the ice cream was actually pink which was a nice touch! I ended up getting a keychain and a magnet as a souvenir for a total of $16, not too bad! They had a lot of cute pins, shirts and other random ice-cream themed items for sale as well.

Overall we had an AMAZING time at the MOIC. The staff was so nice, the ice cream/treats were great and we were able to get some fab pictures. I was so happy to be there with Lauren, Taylor and Mary. It just made the whole experience super fun. My favorite room was probably the banana room but honestly each room was super unique and I thought it was cool how the pieces were created by smaller artists so you knew that everything was designed specifically for the museum. I am so happy I was able to visit the Museum Of Ice Cream before it leaves LA and heads to SF, it really was such a great experience!

Thanks so much for reading, hope you enjoyed!!


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