My Favorite Travel Bags

January 29, 2018

One of my favorite things to do is travel, so when both of my go-to travel bags broke in the same month, I knew I needed to find a replacement and fast. Before we left for our trip to San Francisco (read about our trip here) I stopped by Target in hopes of finding a new “carry-on” bag and as always, Target came through. I found the perfect brown bag that came equipped with multiple pockets and a laptop sleeve! Plus, it was only $40 which is a bit more than I’d normally like to spend but I figured I would spend a little extra to get a nicer bag.

Since I almost always check a bag, no matter how short the trip is (shoutout to the best airline aka Southwest for those 2 free bags) I like bringing a smaller carry-on bag. As you know, your girl is pretty short so the overhead bins are quite impossible for me to reach so this was the perfect carry-on!

This bag can fit a ton of stuff so I typically throw in my computer, computer charger, phone charger, a planner and even a jacket just in case I get cold on the plane! For our trip to San Fran I even had my camera in there but it was a little bit heavy lol. I even used it as my main bag for our recent trip to Las Vegas. It was a pretty tight fit and I had to pack another bag for my toiletries but so far this bag is very worth the investment!

I couldn’t find my bag online so I put together a few others I liked and they’re all under $60!

I typically bring a backpack but I like the idea of having a durable, yet stylish bag. What’s your go-to carry on bag? Comment below!

Hope you enjoyed reading!


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