My New Apartment

September 18, 2018

In case you missed it, I moved!

At the end of July I packed up my two-bedroom apartment and moved into a brand new three-bedroom apartment that was actually just down the street. My last apartment was good, but this new one is SO me and I love it. I’m now living with my two friends, Ashlee and Tori and it’s such a fun time.

For this apartment, we have white walls, wood flooring and granite counters so it already had a super clean feeling to begin with. So we decided to go with a grey, white and wood theme for the common areas. Of course, each of our rooms are different but overall everything goes together pretty nicely!

The apartment is definitely far from being done but I wanted to share with you guys everything I got and how I pieced it together! I even linked some of the items I purchased or had already below and for those I couldn’t find I tried to link similar ones!

I seriously love decorating and organizing my space so moving wasn’t too much of a hassle for me. Of course i’m thankful for my friends, family and boyfriend who helped moved me in the middle of the summer 🙂

Some people asked me how I stuck to a theme / decided on how to decorate and I say it’s all about what the space already offers! Our kitchen had grey countertops with dark grey cabinets and white walls all around. So the space already was really clean and modern which was perfect for me because I love white homes! In order to stick with an overall feel, I say get a few statement pieces first, like a couch, coffee table, and dining table. Then from there add in pieces that go with that!

By no means am I a professional and I am still a young adult, so most of the pieces I got are pretty cheap but I’m really happy with how the apartment is coming along!

Enjoy! xx


For my bedroom I wanted it to feel like a super creative space because I tend to spend a lot of time in there! I also wanted as little amount of furniture as possible so I ended up sticking my dresser in my closet. Luckily my closet is HUGE so there was plenty of space! I also knew I  wanted to add in some plants into my room. They had to be fake plants of course because I can’t even keep succulents alive. It’s not fully complete but I definitely feel super creative in this space, I even make my bed every morning which I never used to do.

Bedroom Resources
8 Cube Organizer: Target // Bed Frame: Ikea // Desk: Target // Desk Chair: Amazon // Society 6 Maps: London, Paris

Kitchen / Living Room / Dining Room

I fell in love with the updated and modern kitchen our apartment offered and I knew the pieces we already had would fit perfectly! This space is definitely not complete but it’s getting there! We need to find two more chairs for our table, but for now we’re surviving on just two.

Kitchen / Living + Dining Room Resources
Bar Stools: Target // Dining Table: Target (similar)// TV Stand: Option 1 + Option 2  // Couch: Living Spaces // Baskets: Target


When we decided on this apartment I loved that there was a little bit of an entryway. I immediately had the idea to either get a bench or some sort of console table. After a long search, I decided on a console table from Target and I think it was the perfect fit! Benches are expensive people!! You’ll see a running theme here but this space isn’t fully complete either. I’ve had my eye on one of those hanging note rollers for the wall to the right of the hall closet (I linked on from Amazon below). In an ideal world I would have beautiful handwriting and could write pretty things on there but in reality, my calligraphy sucks. So for now, it may just be a dream.

Entryway Resources
Console Table: Target // Mail Holder: Target (not pictured) // Basket: Ikea // Fake Cacti: Similar // Why Hello Poster: Similar // Hanging Note Roller: Amazon


Although it’s hella hot here in Phoenix 4 months out of the year, this patio set was SO cute. My roommate Tori found it at Target and I immediately said YESSS GET IT. So once it cools off, I plan to spend lots of time out here! The wood thing behind the chairs was made by my other roommate, Ashlee’s parents!


Patio Resources
Patio set: Target

So that’s my apartment! I hope you enjoyed looking through all the pictures! Everything is linked so if you’re wanting to snag anything yourself you can!

Thanks for reading


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