Palm Springs City Guide

June 19, 2018

Hello everyone, it’s time for another city guide because your girl be travelin’ and this time, it’s all about Palm Springs, California. In the same weekend I went to San Diego (you can read all what we did in SD here) we also made a quick stop in Palm Springs! Since this is a pretty popular tourist attraction these days, thanks to Coachella and StageCoach, I decided to put a city guide together because we went to some awesome places and I wanted to share them with y’all.

Let’s get started.

Where We Stayed

V Palm Springs

When researching where we should stay in Palm Springs, we looked at a few Airbnb’s but eventually decided we needed a hotel that was close to everything we wanted to do. We found the V Palm Springs and I immediately knew we needed to stay here because the copy on their website said “V Sophisticated. V Spirited. V Seductive. V Palm Springs Hotel”. After we booked it, a few weeks later Coachella happened and Revolve held their party at the hotel so I knew we picked a good one. I mean, if Revolve was hosting a party there, it had to be a great hotel.

We only stayed here one night but the room was super cute and we had a good view of the pool. I wish we would’ve had more time to hang out at the pool because they had a ton of floaties and it looked like a great time. One complaint we did have was about the bathroom. It was super trendy but there was zero counter space or storage and the shower only had one glass wall so when you were showering the water got everywhere on the floor! Just an odd design. Either way, super cute hotel and would recommend v much!


What We Did + Where We Ate

King’s Highway

Colorful Neighborhood Doors

Moorten Botanical Garden & Cactarium

Ice Cream & Shop(pe)

Before planning our trip we put a list together of our “must-sees” and all of these things definitely made it to the list! It was great because all of them are all pretty close to each other so it didn’t take very long to see everything. I also did a lot of research on what we should be seeing by reading other people’s posts or their city guides. If you’re planning a trip to Palm Springs, definitely do your research on things to see, where to eat, what to do, etc. There is a lot to do but it’s better to know about those things ahead of time!

See below for all the places we went + where we ate a bit more about each of those places!


To be honest, dinner was a bit of shit show because everywhere was so packed and had an hour + wait. So after putting in our name at a super popular mexican restaurant (Las Casuelas Terraza) we walked around a bit and actually put our name in at another restaurant that had a 45 minute wait. To kill some time, we walked around the area and stumbled across Moracas. They had no wait, so it was an brainer. Overall, pretty good food, nothing special but still good!

King’s Highway

The last time I was in Palm Springs my mom and I actually ate here and I remember it being super good so I knew we needed to go again, plus so many people rave about it. There was a bit of a wait when we showed up so we all ordered coffee and it was bomb. If you’re there, get their almond milk latte, super good. I ended up ordering their overnight oats and acai (so did Taylor) and it was so good, I wish I could eat that for breakfast everyday.

Colorful Neighborhood Doors

If you’re ever in Palm Springs and you don’t stop by one of the colorful door houses, did you even go to Palm Springs? The neighborhood with all of the colorful doors is directly behind King’s Highway so it’s a great activity to do right after breakfast! There are a ton of houses with colorful doors but That Pink Door is definitely the most popular. If you drive around you’ll find all of the other cute houses with really vibrant doors as well! We got a ton of great pictures of the homes and i’m definitely having a colorful door whenever I live in a house!

Moorten Botanical Garden

Another must-see if you’re in Palm Springs is Moorten Botanical Garden. This was on our list from day one and even though it was so hot outside, we knew we needed to see it. Mainly because they have this amazing cactarium. It’s only $5 to get in and it’s definitely worth it because this cactarium is so cool and unlike anything I’ve ever seen! If you plan on visiting, the best time is definitely not during summer. It was v hot in there so we quickly took pictures and got back in the car lol.

Ice Cream & Shop (pe)

Our final stop before heading back home was the Ice Cream & Shop (pe). This spot doubles as an ice cream shop and a gift shop and it’s super cute. It’s the perfect place to stop on your way out for a nice cold treat. I got their birthday cake ice cream and it was delicious. They have some options for dairy free people as well (I should’ve gotten one of those but birthday cake flavored ice cream is my weakness).


Things We Didn’t Get To


When you look up places to eat in Palm Springs, I’m pretty sure Cheeky’s always comes up first on the list. From what the review say, it’s a pretty trendy spot with really good food but there is always a wait. Everyone says the food is worth the wait but this restaurant just wasn’t in our plans! Maybe next time!

Salvation Mountain

This popular spot has become one of the main reasons people head out to Palm Springs! What a lot of people don’t know is that Salvation Mountain is an hour and a half away from Palm Springs! We’ll definitely make it there one day because the photos I see on Instagram make this place look amazing!

Parker Palm Springs

If you’ve never heard of The Parker, you may not be searching the right things for places to see in Palm Springs. This hotel is known for being adorable, in all aspects. There are a ton of cute walls around the property and great instagrammable spots within the hotel as well. Here’s the thing though, you can’t see all of those cute spots inside unless you’re a hotel guest and as much as I want to take cute photos, that price per night is not worth it. I still wish we could’ve seen it but it was so hot when we were there we couldn’t imagine being outside for much longer!


Well that’s it y’all! That is my Palm Springs City Guide! I hope you enjoyed reading and if you’re planning to stop by Palm Springs anytime soon, make sure you check out all of these spots!


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