Social Media Management     

Ready to take your social media to the next level? I offer two different packages depending on how much weekly content you’d like shared and how many platforms you’re looking to share on! I will create original content, customized to your brand or biz, work with you on a monthly content calendar and more! This service is perfect for bloggers, brands and businesses who are looking to step up their social media game.

PR + Outreach Management

Have you started to receive an influx of partnerships and collaborations and you’re looking for some extra management help? I offer three different packages depending on the level of help you’re needing. Whether you’re already receiving offers or you’re looking to start partnering with brands or influencers, I can help no matter your size. If you’re a blogger, I will work with you to fully manage your partnerships with brands and businesses. This means I’ll help you with your contracts, requirements and pay. If you’re a brand or biz looking to partner with influencers / bloggers, I will handle the research and outreach to find the perfect set of individuals that align with your brand and purpose. 

Interested in learning more about my services, previous clients and pricing? Email with the subject line “INQUIRING ABOUT SERVICES” so I know what you’re looking for!

August 27, 2017