Summer 2018 Swimsuit Trends

April 3, 2018

When it comes to fashion, I am definitely not the most educated chick. I pretty much shop at the same 3 stores for everything and I barely branch out in terms of colors or “go-to” items. My everyday look typically consists of jeans and a t-shirt, but lately, I’ve been trying to keep up with the fashion trends. That isn’t super hard to do considering I can see what is popular thanks to Instagram! I even have a collection dedicated to swimsuit trends, so you know I’m really trying.

With summer only a few months away (or just days away considering I live in Phoenix, Arizona) I wanted to put a list together of some swimsuit trends for the upcoming season. There are so many different swimsuits out there so I broke it down by category and then linked a few that fit that category! Some swimsuits are pricey, even though there’s barely any fabric, but I tried to list a wide range of prices for each category. There are so many swimsuits out there so it was hard to not put a list together of legit 50 for each but I tried to offer a wide variety! I’m not a big spender on anything, especially swimsuits, so you know I love finding inexpensive pieces or even dupes of more expensive versions!


I’ve always loved striped bathing suits (or striped anything) and I already see a ton of striped suits popping up on my feed. The classic red stripe is definitely a favorite + would also be perfect for fourth of July. I’ve always struggled to find a perfect fourth bathing suit but I’m thinking a red striped suit might be the way to go this year! It’s such a classic look, but so many trends from the 90’s are back in style and I am definitely here for this striped trends. <

O N E – P I E C E

I’m obsessed with one pieces. They’ve started to make a come back these past two years and I’m totally here for it. My old pool rec job had us wear black one pieces and I kept mine and still wear it to this day! I want to add more to my collection for sure, they’re just so cute and so many different styles and colors are being made. In love.

s a y i n g s

Along with one-pieces, there’s a huge trend of swimsuits with cute sayings on them that have become popular these past few years! One of my favorites is from Shop Private Party (they have a TON of cute one-pieces with sayings on them) is striped and says “oui oui”. This one is just so cute but a little expensive so I just can’t justify buying it.

H I G H – W A I S T E D

Another 90’s trend that is making it’s way back into our stores, the high waisted look is so cute. I have one pair of high waisted bottoms + I’ve only worn them once, but I’m trying to incorporate them more and more. There are so many different types of high waisted bottoms, you’re bound to find a pair that works for you!

B R I G H T – C O L O R S

Summer is obviously the season for color, so it would only make sense that a lot of swimsuits are made in bright colors! Yellow is a huge color this year and mustard. White suits are always pretty popular too, plus they make you look super tan so it’s a win-win situation. I’m typically a neutral girl, but I feel like if there is an opportunity to bring some color into my wardrobe, summer is the perfect time. The other day I randomly stopped into Pacsun because I saw they were having a $19 swim sale and I picked up this white top and this yellow top! I’m obsessed.  I’m really liking the yellow, red, white and pink suits that I’ve been seeing lately!



These are trends I’ve been noticing lately during my hours of online scrolling / shopping but i’m sure there are others! I’d love to know what kind of swimsuit you typically wear or what color you drift towards, so comment below! I’m going to try and incorporate more color into my swimsuit collection, but so far the two new suits (top & one piece) I recently purchased are dark colors. So i’m slacking so far but i’ve got some time! Plus, i’ve gotta step up my workout / class game to get that summer bod ready.

Thanks for reading!


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