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    Holiday Letter Board Ideas

    December 9, 2017

    Hello everyone!

    When I moved into my apartment this past August I of course did some shopping for decor and found this super cute letter board from TJ Maxx. I highly recommend shopping TJ Maxx or Marshalls for your home stuff, they have great deals! I had been looking for a letter board for months, since they’re super popular lately, but I could never find one that wasn’t $50+. So when I found this one for $20 I knew I had to grab it. Turns out, when I brought it home it was slightly broken, but I just glued it back together with some hot glue and called it a day.

    Ever since I got it, I’ve tried to update it every few weeks with a cute new saying and with Christmas coming up I thought it would be cute to put together a list of some themed letter board sayings. A few of them I came up with on my own but most of them I found online (aka Pinterest).

    My goal is to do a post like this for every season or holiday so keep an eye out for some New Year’s, Valentine’s and Spring ideas!


    Enjoy xx

    10 Holiday Letter Board Ideas:

    1. Let’s stay ho ho home

    2. Merry & bright all throughout the night

    3. Nobody lights a half assed jingler

    4. Just keep wrapping

    5. You better not pout

    6. Where the milk & cookies at?

    7. Christmas is about to be lit

    8. Have yoself a merry little xmas

    9. Dear Santa, anything from Target will do

    10. Son of a nutcracker – # days till Christmas



    Here is a the one I currently have in my apartment!!

    Hope you all enjoyed!



    Stock Photo from StockThatRocks