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    Valentine’s Day Letter Board Ideas

    February 13, 2018

    I’m comin’ at you with a new edition of letter board ideas & this time, it’s for Valentine’s Day! I know that V-Day is legit tomorrow and I’ve had this post written for awhile but this past month has been so crazy I never got around to taking photos for it. Let me just say, blogging is a difficult job and takes a lot more time than you think! Either way, this post is focused on offering you some fun ideas for your letter board and I think you can keep these around the whole month.

    I am actually really excited for Valentine’s Day this year, mainly because this is Jordan and I’s first ‘official’ Valentine’s Day because last year we had been on 2 dates around this time so we were little shy babies and didn’t do anything (lol). The thing with Valentine’s day is that a lot of people don’t celebrate it, so I decided to come up with a list for those that love Valentine’s Day and those that end up having Anti Valentine’s Day parties or Galentines Day instead. Enjoy xx

    For Those In Love

    1. Love is in the air
    2. Crazy 4 you
    3. XOXO
    4. I love you (in different languages)
    5. Hugs & Kisses
    6. Happy valentine’s day
    7. Every pizza me loves every pizza you
    8. Will you be my valentine? That was a rhetorical question. You have no choice.
    9. Yoda one for me
    10. I love us

    For Those Anti-Valentine’s Day Parties

    1. 106% Single
    2. My cat / dog is my valentine
    3. February 14th? Never heard of that holiday.
    4. Love stinks, wine doesn’t
    5. Valentine’s Day? More like Galentines Day
    6. Wine is my boyfriend
    7. Valentine Schmalentine
    8. Cupid can suck it
    9. I love me
    10. Boy Bye

    Do you guys like reading these? Let me know below!


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