Tips To Stay Organized In 2018

December 31, 2017

Hello everyone!

I can’t believe tomorrow is January and 2017 will officially be over, hate to be cliche but, time sure does fly by when you’re having fun. With the new year, everyone is setting goals that they hope to achieve and one of those goals may be to get more organized. So I decided to put a post together with a few of the tips I have to stay organized + some tools I found to easily get your life together (we all need it, trust me). I decided to break down the list by category because I know there are a ton of areas in our life that need organization!

Blog + Content Organization

As a new blogger, keeping track of what content I want to share, whether I’ve written it or not, is harder than I thought! I started with just writing blog post ideas on my notes page and although that is an easy way to keep track, I knew there was a more efficient way. In addition to planning and keeping track of my blog content, I also needed some help with planning content for Instagram. All of these three things have helped me keep track of all of my content!

If you’re a blogger or you post on social more than one day a week, you NEED this planner. It is so much more than a planner that you just write random important dates in. The Content Planner allows you to completely customize with stickers for each month, all social platforms and so much more. I recently got sent one by Kat (who created this magnificent thing) and I have officially started planning everything out for January 2018! I have a lot of reason why I love it, but I really like that everything is customizable, plus there is a list of every holiday so I will never miss National Puppy Day ever again! If you’re a blogger, social media manager, or any content poster, I highly suggest investing in The Content Planner!

Planoly is a super helpful Instagram planning tool but it could also be an easy way for you to plan out your blog posts as well! If you share a ton of content, you’re gonna want to plan ahead and Planoly allows you to do just that. This could also be a way for you to align your blog posts with your social media posts. Planoly lets you add in placeholders so you can plan without having a photo yet.

  • Excel Sheets / Google Sheets

Not in the mood to spend any money and just want an easy way to plan out your content? Excel or Google Sheets are a great alternative to a planner and they’re really easy to use. If you have a computer, you should at least have one of these applications! Plus, you can color coordinate them by month, date, or time, which I find to be v fun.

Life Help

Planners were made to make our lives simpler and I know sometimes our life needs the most organizing. I put together a few planners I either have or love, plus one free option to help you keep your life in order in 2018!

  • Day Designer

I wanted a new planner for 2018 that was big enough to handle my busy life. Between work to-do’s, work events, life events, and traveling, making sure I write everything is super important. I came across the Day Designer while working on a work project and I really liked their design + overall look. I got this one and I’ve already started using it for 2018! Its a big planner so if you’re looking for a smaller planner, this is not the planner for you. They do have smaller options so I guess you’re in luck.

  • Blue Sky Planner

All Blue Sky Planners are great and I’ve owned a few in the past so I would highly recommend! They typically have a lot of options; daily, weekly, or monthly. I personally like the weekly or daily planners so it is really up to you to decide which type you’d prefer! If you’re ever at Target (for me it’s a weekly occurrence) and you stumble across the school supply isle, you’ll more than likely find a Blue Sky planner. One I found from Target comes in Pink or Blue with a different saying on the outside depending on the color! On the inside, it’s laid out pretty minimally and each day is broken down by hour, which I love. Next time you’re in Target, look for this or any of the other ones they have for 2018!

  • Calendar App

Whether you have an iPhone or not, you more than likely have a calendar app automatically downloaded to your phone. Similar to Google sheets or Excel, this is a simple and free way for you to stay organized. Anytime I have an event planned or I am figuring out my next trip, I always create an event in my calendar right away so I don’t forget. This way, whenever I am making plans with people I know what I have that day because its already in my calendar! You can even connect your Gmail calendar to the application, so for me, I can see all of my work events as well!


If you have a busy life, that usually means you have a lot of to-do’s. Keeping track of everything you have to do can be a lot of work and sometimes writing everything down in a planner is not the best way to do so (lol at that unitentional pun). So I put together a list of tools I use to make sure I don’t forget ANYTHING!

  • Reminder App

I use my reminder app almost as much as I use Instagram. Okay, maybe not but I definitely use it a ton. Whether its a big task or a small one, I more than likely have a reminder set because I would legit forget to do it. The reminder app on all Apple products is very easy to use, you just name the reminder and then set a time. The great thing is until you complete or delete that reminder, it will stay on your lock screen and notifications. When it comes to “to-do’s” you can set a reminder for anything and everything. If you need to go shopping after work or if you need to call someone at a certain time, just set a reminder!

  • Google Keep

I discovered Google Keep from one of my co-workers at Bloguettes and now I use it for a lot of things. One of my favorite things about Google Keep is you can access it from pretty much everywhere, so I can see my lists on my computer and the app! Google Keep is essentially a place for you to create a ton of lists that you can set reminders for and also collaborate with other people on. When I was moving into my apartment in August, I created separate lists of things me and my roommate needed to get and added her as a collaborator! This way whenever she bought something on the list she could clear it and we would always know what we still needed to get. I like utilizing the checkbox feature because when you complete a task, it just places that task below and crosses it out. This way you get the satisfaction of “crossing off” something on your list while still being able to see what that task was. 10/10 would recommend.

I hope you enjoyed reading and hopefully you found a new tool that will help you stay organized in 2018!


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